More efficient shipping benefits everyone!

By efficiently organizing shipments, you can cut down on expenses and also reduce emissions, traffic and accidents on the road, which benefits everyone.

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Too many empty load trips. Too much waste.

Too many empty load trips. Too much waste.

Every day on our streets the majority of vehicles are circulating with partial loads or even completely empty. This often happens during a return trip from a delivery or whilst heading toward a pick up. This means that you waste fuel, time and money, not to mention all the CO2 emissions and the needlessly empty vehicles on the road.

But all this can change: thanks to the Cargopooling platform, you can now match supply and demand quickly and easily, as well as increasing the efficiency of your business.

The all-in-one logistics solution

The all-in-one logistics solution

By creating a network for transporting and shipping, Cargopooling provides a simple and practical solution to logistics-related problems, tailored to meet the needs of both users and professionals simultaneously. Everyone can benefit from using Cargopooling: fewer pointless expenses, less traffic on the road, more advantages and respect for the environment.

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What is Cargopooling?

It is a shipping network that facilitates the intersection of supply and demand, ensuring top reliability and affordable prices.

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