Furniture Moving

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Furniture Moving

You search for Low Cost Shipping for antique furniture moving or for IKEA furniture and you don't know how? With Cargopooling, you can ship furniture (a couch, a kitchen or appliances), whether it is for a move or for your online furniture sales and orders. You will receive offers from moving companies and moving professionals with licences and permits. You can assess their reliability thanks to the information shown on their profile and the feedback left by other users, all saving up to 80% compared to standard rates.

Do you have a moving company?

Do you have a moving company?

If you need to provide a moving, removal or furniture moving service and you travel with partial loads, connect to Cargopooling and search for requests along your route from the users in our cargo exchange. By matching deliveries and taking full advantage of your vehicle's load capacity, you will increase the efficiency of your shipments and your business, also significantly reducing expenses and the environmental impact.

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Cargopooling is a young and innovative startup, with a solid foundation in the logistics industry and new web technologies sector. It was founded in 2012 with the combination of the skills and experiences of four young partners, sharing a common idea: to offer a practical and efficient online solution to current road transportation problems.

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