Find backhauls with the freight exchange

If you are a transporter, a courier or a shipping company and you want to optimize the load you are carrying, you can do it easily with Cargopooling.

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Specify the route or the coordinates on the map

1 Specify the route or the coordinates on the map

Enter your delivery route, specifying the departure and arrival location. You can enter deviations (waypoints), if needed.

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Find matching shipments

2 Find matching shipments

Check the user requests to see whether there are any active shipments close to your current position or on your route that are compatible with your load capacity and product group.

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Provide a quote

3 Provide a quote

Send your quote to users, including all the guarantees you can provide, from packaging quality to the insurance level. Within our network you can communicate directly with the customer and iron out pickup and delivery details quickly and easily.

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Cargopooling makes shipments more efficient to benefit everyone: fewer expenses, less traffic, fewer accidents and less pollution.

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Cargopooling is a free shipping software to manage your shipments online, with no registration fee

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Working with Cargopooling

Find shipping jobs with Cargopooling and you'll reduce empty load trips, cut down on expenses and increase the visibility of your company and your turnover.

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