Request an estimate for your move and save up to 80%.

Use Cargopooling and get estimates for Movers and save up to 80% on standard rates with a completely sure and reliable service.

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If you are looking for an economical, simple and reliable solution for a move, you are in the right place! In fact, with Cargopooling, you can organise any type of domestic and international move (home, office, restaurant) or ship any type of furniture and furnishings (kitchens, couches and wardrobes but also desks, bookshelves, etc.) in the US and abroad, saving up to 80% compared to standard prices. Request estimates from movers and moving companies that have permits, vehicles suitable for the service and warehouses for furniture. Assess the offers and choose the one that you think is most advantageous and reliable, thanks to the user feedback. Simple, right?

Do you have a moving company?

Do you have a moving company?

If you have a domestic and international moving company or if you are an owner-driver or independent carrier, increase your business volume and clientèle with Cargopooling. By registering on our innovative shipping network, you will be able to increase your visibility on the network and find Moving requests, create your estimate and coordinate with the customer on the details of the service such as packing, porterage and storage, as well as pick up and delivery details. This way you reduce expenses and consumption, increase revenue and come into contact with hundreds of potential customers. Publish your free professional profile now and streamline your operations with Cargopooling.

Who we are
Cargopooling is a young and innovative startup, with a solid foundation in the logistics industry and new web technologies sector. It was founded in 2012 with the combination of the skills and experiences of four young partners, sharing a common idea: to offer a practical and efficient online solution to current road transportation problems.

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Request or offer a lift for your shipments in one functional, easy-to-use website.


By organizing your trips in an efficient way, you can cut down on expenses and reduce your transportation costs.


Thanks to feedback entries and identity verification the quality of your transport is guaranteed!