How to ship goods or relocate at the best price

Relocating, shipping, transporting or sending anything all around the world has never been so easy and affordable. Decide which kind of delivery best suits your needs, and save time and money at the same time.

I am a shipper or a courier

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Specify the kind of product and the route

1 Specify the kind of product and the route

Enter the product group you wish to transport by choosing from the available options, as well as the route details and the pick-up and delivery dates and locations.

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Get an estimate

2 Get an estimate

Your shipping request will be published and processed so it can be matched with the available transporters who can deliver your goods.

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Choose the most affordable quote

3 Choose the most affordable quote

You will get quotes from transport companies and carriers who can fulfill your request. Thanks to user feedback and the information displayed on each profile (packaging quality, insurance type, experience, etc.), in addition to the price you will also be able to review the reliability of the service and choose the most affordable quote on a completely secure platform.

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Why Cargopooling

With Cargopooling you can optimize not only shipments, but also search times and the price/quality ratio of the bids.

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What is Cargopooling

It is a shipping network that facilitates the intersection of supply and demand, ensuring top reliability and affordable prices.

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