Shipping, transport and moving

Are you a shipper or a courier?

Cargopooling is practical
Request or offer a lift for your shipments in one functional, easy-to-use website.
Cargopooling is affordable
By efficiently organizing your shipments you can cut down expenses and therefore the cost of transport.
Cargopooling is Safe
Thanks to feedback entries and identity verification the quality of your transport is guaranteed!
What is Cargopooling?

What is Cargopooling?

Cargopooling is the most innovative logistics and transport marketplace because it connects the people searching for shipping space, moving services or any type of transportation with those offering it in a simple and secure way.

  • It optimizes loads so that offers and estimations are convenient for both sides.
  • You can save time with a service that streamlines communication between users and transporters.
  • You'll reduce empty return load trips and therefore road traffic, accidents and CO2 emissions.
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Why Cargopooling

Why Cargopooling

By taking advantage of the full load capacity of trucks already on the road you can avoid empty runs, saving time, money and fuel.

  • Through better cost management, shippers can offer more competitive prices.
  • User feedback and credentials that are displayed on each profile ensure a highly reliable service.
  • Registered shipping companies increase their visibility, thereby expanding their potential customer base.
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How it works

How it works

With Cargopooling you can request or offer space for the goods you need to ship in a practical and fast way.

  • Posting or receiving requests is streamlined by the simple, user-friendly graphic interface.
  • You can choose from any product group classified by the European regulations.
  • Advanced transportation options are available, such as insurance, packaging, etc.
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Who we are
Cargopooling is a young and innovative startup, with a solid foundation in the logistics industry and new web technologies sector. It was founded in 2012 with the combination of the skills and experiences of four young partners, sharing a common idea: to offer a practical and efficient online solution to current road transportation problems.